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2023 / 2024
Academic Year


Photo Credit: Kat Stiennon

Beginner Division
Standard Division
23-24 Class Schedule
23-24 School Calendar

Intended for dancers who have little to no ballet experience. Minimum age is 8. Beginner consists of one 75 minute technique class per week. Terminology, placement, and ballet etiquette are developed in this level.  This class begins in January and runs through May.  

Junior Division
Junior 1
Junior 2

Intended for dancers who have completed the material in Junior Level 1. Minimum age is 9. Junior Level 2 consists of two 90 minute technique classes per week. Dancers at this level are encouraged to take one additional class per week in the Junior Level 1 class. Some dancers in this level may be invited to take the pre-pointe class, for a total of three classes per week. Musicality and pantomime/acting skills are developed through incorporating the study of 2 classical ballet stories each year. Class uniforms are required in eggplant and can be found HERE.

Levels 1, 2, & 3

Serious training for the student who wants to achieve their highest potential.  Pre-pointe and pointe are introduced at this level.  Standard students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of dance forms in addition to ballet technique.  They will have the chance to train with guest faculty and will be eligible to be cast in performances.  The minimum hourly time commitment per week is 6.5 hours.  Additionally, Standard level students may take any Junior Division class and Specialty class at no additional fee, and are encouraged to do so.

Pre-Professional Division

Highly focused, intensive training for the student with professional aspirations.  This program requires a significant time commitment and will offer the most performance opportunities.  The Pre-Professional Division will be exposed to a wide variety of guest and resident faculty as well as different dance forms to enhance their skill development. Placement is by audition only.  Students in this division must participate in scheduled performances.  The minimum hourly commitment is 16 hours per week, which includes rehearsal time.  Pre-Professional Division students may take any standard division, junior division, or specialty class at no additional fee and are highly encouraged to do so.

Boy's Class

For beginner through pre-professional.  Focused on learning the steps and building the strength required to achieve the jumps and turns of the male ballet vocabulary as well as core technique.  Minimum age is 8.  Class consists of one 75 minute class per week.  Included for all registered CMB dancers, also available as a stand alone class.  No prior ballet experience necessary.  Registration may be done on a month by month basis.  Learn more HERE.

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