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Soma Floor

Soma Floor is a class that provides exercises from the Feldenkrais Method that use micro-movements to release tension and reorganize alignment without force. This class targets releasing the back, glutes, hamstrings, and hips so that ballet placement feels easier and more stable. The exercises directly assist in improving arabesque, cambré back, développé, and overall balance. The atmosphere of this class is quiet and slowly paced so that you may unwind tightness, breathe, and pay attention to how you move. Floor barre exercises will also be used to create strength and muscle awareness. In this focused environment, we will explore multiple ways to reduce effort while doing a movement so that learning how to choose the most efficient pathway grows out of your own experience in real time. This wonderful work is a great way to start your dancing week and is suitable for experienced dancers ages 11 and up!

This class is included as a specialty class for all Standard and Pre-professional dancers currently enrolled at CMB.

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