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Free Sunday Classes


Noon - 1:30pm

CMB Studios

2831 Parmenter St. Ste 290

April 30, 2023:  Elise Woloshin

CMB Faculty Member

June 4, 2023:  Marguerite Luksik

CMBA Artistic Director

Who is it for?

  • ages 11 and up, including adults

  • anyone who would like to try a class taught at an intermediate to advanced level

  • anyone who would to try a class at CMB or just wants a little more ballet in their life

How does it work? 

  • simply click the register button and fill out the form to let us know you're coming

  • no dress code - wear whatever you'd like, including pointe shoes

  • doors open 20 minutes before class starts

  • bring a friend and have fun!

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